Learning to Drive & COVID-19

Updated 04/10/20


What steps are we taking to ensure we stay safe?

  • Please try to pay by bank transfer rather than cash where possible.
  • Please ensure you wash your hands just before starting the lesson. I would also recommend washing your hands when you leave the car at the end of the lesson. 
  • Hand Sanitizer – Hand Sanitizer is available in the car which you can freely use throughout the lesson if you wish.
  • Face coverings are NOT required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one then please do so.
  • This is weather dependent, but we will try to have the windows open as much as possible for ventilation.
  • We will do our best to limit contact during lessons. There will be no sharing of Pens or Visual learning aids.
  • If either you, or a family member has any Coronavirus symptoms in the days following a driving lesson, please notify me.

Cancellation Policy

I will not charge for short notice cancellations if you are having to self isolate, or yourself or someone you live with is experiencing symptoms of the virus.


When you take your driving test

There are measures and restrictions in place when you take your driving test and the steps that the examiners and test centres are taking.

  • Do not arrive for your driving test more than 5 minutes before the appointment time.
  • Examiners will be wearing face coverings, and they may wear gloves and use disposable seat covers.
  • I (your instructor) will not be allowed to sit in the back of the car during your test.
  • You must wear a face covering throughout your test.
  • If you make a serious or dangerous fault, you will be directed straight back to the test centre. Usually, you would complete the test route – however the test will end early in order to limit the amount of time you are in the car with the examiner.
  • Toilet facilities and waiting rooms will not be available at the test centre. Toilets can be used upon request.
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