As a Driving Instructor I regularly hear lots of myths! Dressing smartly for the test and having to “feed the wheel” are just a few.

Take a look at a few of the driving test myths down below!


I must dress smartly for the driving test!

This is one I hear quite regularly. You can turn up wearing a Onesie if you want to, if you show the examiner a safe drive what you’re wearing will make no difference.

Driving Examiners have pass/fail quotas

Again, not the case. If you show a safe drive then you will pass the test! This opinion largely is formed by those that have been unsuccessful at their test and are looking for someone else to blame.

I need to "feed" the wheel

Although “feeding the wheel” is a commonly taught method of steering among both driving instructors and advanced driving groups, it’s not necessary all the time. As long as you are in control of the car then you will not pick up any faults for steering on your driving test. I will never force a steering method onto you providing the car is going in the intended direction.

Hitting the curb is an automatic fail

No, not necessarily. It depends what you mean by “hit”. I have sat in on lots of tests where my pupil has made contact with the curb either during a manoeuvre or general driving. Some have been marked as driver faults, some have been totally ignored. It entirely depends on the circumstances at the time. Gently touch the curb whilst pulling up and you’re unlikely to have an issue. But if you wack the curb at 30mph through a town centre then I think it’s safe to say you’re pushing your luck!

I need to make my mirror checks obvious

No. The examiners are trained to know if you are carrying out the appropriate checks. I have also developed the ability to see if you are checking your mirrors without directly looking at you. You don’t need to do any exaggerated head movements to show the examiner that you are checking your mirrors.