What are your working hours?

I’ll be as flexible as I can be to accommodate the most convenient times for you. My working days are Monday to Friday. Due to other commitments I don’t usually work weekends, but if weekends are the only time you can do then please ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Do you teach Manual or Automatic Lessons?

I use a Manual Vauxhall Astra, at the moment I only offer lessons in a manual transmission car.

How many hours will it take me to pass my test?

This is a very difficult question to answer, everyone is different. The DVSA average for Learner drivers is 40 hours with an instructor and 20 hours of private practice. Some of my pupils have taken fewer hours, some have had more. It’ll take as long as it needs to for you to become a competent, safe driver and ready for the test.

My Parents say that I am ready for my test, but my instructor says I'm not - why is this?

Whilst I’m sure that your parents are great drivers, the chances are they took their test a long time ago. Over time the Driving Test has changed, and the requirements of candidates taking their tests has become more difficult. It is also fair to say that over the years, unless the average driver has their driving observed by a professional in this field, they may pick up bad habits and/or become complacent- and with complacency comes bad habits!  Your Driving Instructor knows the driving test syllabus and is fully up to date with what’s expected of you. ADI’s are trained to a high standard and most of us have taken additional voluntary advanced driver training post- ADI qualification. This puts us in a good position to judge whether you’re ready to drive alone or not.

How much do you charge?

Please see my “Prices” page to view my current prices.

Can I pay by Cheque?

For Large amounts (Intensive Courses or Block Bookings) you can pay by Cheque, but the Cheque must be cleared before the first lesson or intensive course is due to start.
For smaller amounts, (Pay as you go lessons) it is not possible to pay by Cheque. You can pay in Cash or Bank Transfer. This is due to the length of time cheques take to clear, it would not be sustainable to pay for individual regular lessons in cheques.

Why are driving lessons expensive?

To be honest, I don’t think they are! Remember the last time you got a taxi, how much were you charged for that 2 mile journey? If you’ve ever called out a trade to your home such as an Electrician or Plumber, many have a Call out charge of £50+, just for the privilege of visiting you! Driving lessons are teaching you a skill for life, remember that driving instructors have the lots of expenses, such as the upkeep of the car, Insurance, Fuel Costs, and driving instructor training and registration with the DVSA to name a few.

What car do you have?

For Manual Lessons I have a 2016 Vauxhall Astra, 1.6 BiTurbo Diesel. Being a diesel it’s nice and easy to drive, and being twin-turbo it’s quite fun too! It’s got all the modern tech you’d expect, and is equipped with dual controls.

What areas do you cover?

I take on pupils from the Christchurch area including Highcliffe and Barton on Sea, Bournemouth and all surrounding areas, and Poole. Due to the permanent closure of Bournemouth Driving Test Centre in February 2019, all pupils will be taking their test at the Poole Driving Test Centre.

What driving test centres do you use?

Due to the closure of Bournemouth Test Centre and the increasing waiting times at Poole, I am using Poole, Dorchester, Salisbury, and occasionally Southampton Maybush Driving Test Centres. This way, we can increase the chances of finding suitable test dates and shortening the 12+ week wait.

What happens if I need to cancel a driving lesson?

If you realise you can no longer do a lesson that we’ve booked, please get in touch immediately. It may be possible for me to move your lesson to a different time on the same day, or a different day. Please note that if you do not give me at least 48 hours notice to cancel or change the lesson this may be chargeable, as it is not usually possible for me to fill this time with someone else at such short notice.

Why should I be charged for a cancelled lesson?

For Driving Instructors, time is money. I have a busy diary and if I have not been given sufficient notice to cancel (48 hours) then the chances are I would not be able to fill your slot with somebody else. Please avoid any last minute cancellations where it can be helped, and let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel a lesson.

How will I know that I'm ready for my test?

When you’re ready for the test you’ll be able to drive fully independently without any input (or very occasional) input or guidance from your instructor. It’s only then, that your instructor will be in agreement that you’re ready to take your test. Your licence gives you the independence to drive by yourself so it’s important that you are ready for this.

Can I use my own car?

This may be possible in some cases, yes. For a complete beginner I’d recommend you use my car, which is fully equipped with dual controls to keep us both safe!

Can I have a 1 hour lesson?

From experience a 1 hour lesson is usually not long enough to make reasonable progress, especially in the early stages where I am driving you to quieter areas to practice. Driving is a very practical skill and the more you do it – the quicker you’ll pick it up! Therefore, I don’t ordinarily offer 1 hour lessons. However, I know we are all different and it’s not my intention to tell you how you learn best , only you know that! So if you feel that 1 hour lessons would work better for you, please get in touch.

I don't have an instructor and need a car for my driving test - can you help?

Sorry, no. I don’t hire my car out to people who have booked a driving test but need a car to use at short notice. Depending on when your driving test is, we may be able to get some assessment lessons in prior to your test. If I feel that you’re driving at test standard, and I can accommodate your test time into my diary, then we can go ahead!