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An Intensive Course (or “crash course” as they’re sometimes referred to) are suitable for those who wish to pass quickly. It might be easier for you this way if you have work commitments and book some holiday to pass your test, or it could just be because you’re very eager!

It has to be said that Intensive Style learning doesn’t suit everyone, though. Intensive Courses are, well, Intense! You must be a quick learner, not too anxious about getting behind the wheel, and preferably have access to a car to practice in with either friends or family.

If you think you might suit an intensive course, you must’ve passed your theory test before starting.

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It worked for Tom!

Tom was at University. He booked a 30 hour Intensive Course to carry out over the Christmas Holidays whilst he was back home for the festive season. The longer hours suited him and he passed on his first attempt!

To do an intensive course you’d need to be determined, hard working and willing to do homework tasks and out of lesson preparation. It is highly desirable to have access to a car to practice between lessons with either family or a friend. You’d need to be able to take in information quickly and be happy to move on to different topics swiftly. You need to be able to maintain excellent levels of concentration for long periods of time. You must pass a mock test before taking the practical test. Sounds daunting, but plenty of people have done it!

Before starting the intensive course you must’ve passed your theory test. Once your theory test is passed, we can then book a practical driving test appointment. With the practical test date set, we can then book your intensive style course around that date. Usually this would be, for example, 30 hours of lessons spread over two weeks (Monday-Friday) with your practical test on the Final Day. This is fully flexible and we can work around your needs and other commitments.

The price of an intensive course varies depending on how many hours you’re doing, and the length of the lessons we schedule. Intensive courses are usually more cost effective in the long run, as the information will be current and you’re likely to absorb information quicker and need less hours than you would if you had a weekly lesson for a long period of time.

To get the ball rolling, give me a call or fill out the booking form below. We can then discuss your requirements, fix a practical test date, and then arrange the lessons. If you have had previous driving experience, I’ll probably suggest an assessment lesson so that I know how many hours you’re likely to need.


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