October 2020

Josh was recommended to me by a school mate. I would recommend Limit Point Driving School because Josh is a great instructor, I have enjoyed lessons thanks to him.

Carl Ponter
October 2020

I chose Limit Point Driving School because it had quality reviews and the website was clear and easy to understand. I would 100% recommend Limit Point due to Josh the instructor, he is kind and reliable and is clear with goals and aims for each lesson and doesn’t rush or delay progression. I’ve had no problems at all and if anyone wants a fun experience while learning to drive definitely choose Limit Point Drive School.

Connor Watkins
October 2020

I would recommend Josh because he is very helpful and reassuring managed to get me up to speed in good time and very consistent and helpful during Covid pandemic and organising tests for me. I would 100% recommend Josh , nice and friendly got me a pass 1st time and overall brilliant driving instructor.

October 2020

I chose Limit Point Driving School because I was recommended by a friend who told me how good Josh was as they had also recently passed. Josh would always give me clear instructions on what we had gone over in the lesson and also what to practice before the next one. I would definitely recommend Josh. Josh is a really nice guy as well as a very calm instructor. He helped me to be confident in a car and drive independently.

September 2020

I chose Limit Point Driving School because I was recommended by a friend. I found Josh to be easy to understand, I learnt very quickly!

Pippa Cato
September 2020

I chose LPDS to learn with because I had heard that Josh is a good instructor, very well organised and helpful. I thought Josh was excellent, I found him to be very patient with me and helped me along the process to a PASS!!

Dan Dwyer
August 2020

I chose limit point because I heard from a friend and saw Josh had really good reviews. Josh was really calm and helpful, I would definitely recommend josh because he is really clear and patient whilst teaching.

Dan Double
July 2020

I chose Limit Point Driving School because I was recommended by my mates after they had great success in the past with Josh. Josh has a really good teaching strategy which really helped me to gain confidence and pass my test in the best and safest way possible. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family because he has very good Professional teaching skills.

Caleb Stone
February 2020

I chose Limit Point Driving School because I saw that the reviews were excellent. Josh was very helpful and he helped me improve massive amounts. I would highly recommend Josh because he helped me pass my test!

Mitchell Fields
February 2020

I chose Limit Point Driving School because Josh is very local to me, I read all his reviews online and they where all really good. Josh has been Amazing, I couldn’t of faulted him at all. He had time and didn’t get annoyed if you did anything wrong and kept you calm. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone because he is very reliable, very helpful and calm and gives you all the help and time you need.

January 2020

Josh is an excellent driving instructor, he taught me thoroughly. He was always patient and consistently gave me great advice. I would definitely recommend Josh and I am grateful to have had him as my instructor.

Tom Barber
December 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving School as when I found them on Google it looked professional and had good reviews. Josh was very good and gave me lots of confidence and independence which was crucial. I would recommend Josh to others as he is a very good instructor and helps driving get to a very good standard and is friendly and supportive. The intensive course was challenging but rewarding.

Max Bennett
December 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving School because my sister passed with Josh and she recommended him to me. I found Josh to be very helpful and would highly recommend him to others as I thought his teaching methods were very effective.

December 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving School because I had a look around online for driving schools local to me and thought the website looked good so asked for a taster lesson. I thought Josh was very good, easy to understand explanations with good diagrams and demonstrations. If anything is unclear it’s very easy to ask for an explanation. I would highly recommend Josh as he is a great instructor with flexible lesson times and clearly knows his stuff about cars.

November 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving School because it was flexible and offered a range of options and therefore allowed me to take an intensive automatic course, and Josh was very accomaditing in fitting me in to this.
I was really impressed with his teaching methods, Josh is clearly passionate about teaching students to drive and is very patient. He has good teaching methods and gave helpful tips on how I could practice even outside of lessons. I would definitely recommend to a friend as Josh is a friendly and patient driving instructor who puts you at ease and offers flexible lessons.

Mark Taylor
November 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving because I had read the great reviews and was recommended by a family friend. I found Josh to be brilliant with explaining the techniques and he is very patient. I would recommend Josh because he is very patient and explains clearly on how to improve.

Laurence Smith
November 2019

I choose Limit Point Driving because I had read the great reviews. I found Josh to be great, he was calm and clear with instructions and was very patient. I would recommend Josh because he was a great instructor and I passed first time because of his help. The lessons are professional and he teaches to a high standard.

Sam Whiteley
October 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving because Josh was recommended to me by family and I had seen the good reviews online. I thought Josh was a very good instructor his teaching methods are on point and he helped me pass first time. I would recommend Leap because Josh is a great instructor and really nailed down on everything to get you to pass.

October 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving as my friend recommended me to Josh. Josh helped to get me through my test and he is very thorough. He’s very easy to get along with and I would highly recommend him.

September 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving mainly because of the great reviews. Josh was an excellent Instructor who was patient, punctual, reliable. I found him to be, by far, the most professional in his responses of all the other enquiries I had made.
Learning to Drive was stressful at times, but Josh made the whole experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

September 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving because the reviews were really good. Learning to drive was amazing , Josh was really calming which helped me with my nerves as well as driving.
I would 100% recommend Josh as I enjoyed every lesson and felt calm and relaxed when driving with him.

August 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving because when I looked up driving schools online Leap had really good reviews.
I found learning to drive with Josh much better than I expected and learnt at my own speed. Josh uses reference points and has online resources if you’re unsure about something.
I would recommend Josh because he is friendly and happy to talk through any concerns you may have.

Taylor Farmer
July 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving because Josh was by far the most convenient driving instructor for where I live. His prices and flexibility fit what I was looking for in an instructor perfectly.
I would recommend Josh if you’re looking for an instructor that really knows what he’s talking about!

Benjamin Ford
July 2019

I chose Limit Point Driving because they were the first ones I came across that were competitively priced. I found learning to drive with Josh nerve wracking at first but it was all worth it in the end. I found Josh’s teaching methods calm, relaxed, patient and reliable.

Josh Brown
June 2019

The lessons were set around my schedule and what we covered was set at my pace, Josh has been patient with my progress and he is very perceptive in regards to what I needed to improve on as I progressed. All in all learning to drive with Leap has been a relaxed and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone.

June 2019

Josh was a great instructor, Rhys passed his test full of confidence which developed over the lessons. He gives explanations which help with the theory test and I fully recommend.

January 2019

Unfortunately I couldn’t continue my lessons with Josh but can say he was an excellent teacher, teaching me everything when it was at the right time but yet didn’t drag anything out. Always a supportive chap to have as my temporary travelling companion, Josh gave tips, knew what we should focus on and knew when to test me. He took me to a level where I can pass my test in a good amount of time and it’s just a shame I couldn’t commit to the test itself with me moving away

Anybody considering Josh can rest assured they’ll be happy choosing him as their teacher!

January 2019

Josh is a great teacher who has helped me iron out everything so I could pass my test. Kind and patient for people who doesn’t get it right all the time. Highly recommend to those looking to pass their test!

March 2019

Brillaint driving instructor, really calm and understandable and his teaching ethic is really efficient. Would definitely recommend Josh to anyone in the surrounding areas of Christchurch, Boscombe, Southbourne, Bournemouth and Poole

Jack C
May 2019

very good driving instructor. can have a laugh with. helps you improve as a driver and gives you key points to help you develop. he will help you pass your test. 5 stars, would recommend.

December 2018

I contacted Leap driving school as I had already passed my test 8 years ago put hadn’t driven since. I recently bought a new car and wanted to gain some confidence before going out on my own. Josh was very professional yet calming during the lesson. We drove in my car which was an automatic. He was one of the few driving instructors who had agreed to do this (all the big driving schools declined). He reminded me of the rules of the road and offered many tips on how to feel more comfortable back behind the wheel. If I was a first time driver I would definitely recommend Josh

December 2018

Josh is knowledgeable, reliable and very supportive I fully enjoyed learning to drive with him.
I wasn’t particularly confident but Josh struck a good balance between being patient but also pushing me each lesson to ensure I made progress and became confident in my driving and in myself.

James A
May 2019

Would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive, very friendly and teaching to a very high standard, excellent.

May 2019

i was currently at another driving school and wasn’t looking foward to drive and learn toward my test, i then moved to leap driving school, and it was so much better for me, Josh is so flexible from where to pick you up and he is a very comforting guy, if you’re nervous about learning to drive he is one of the best to come to, he’s relaxed and treats you like a friend so you’re always comfortable in any stressful situation. Thanks very much josh!

March 2019

Josh is an incredible driving instructor who is patient and determined to help you pass. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about driving and will help to broaden your own knowledge as well as your driving ability. I would highly recommend anyone looking to learn to drive to do so with Josh.

May 2019

I would highly recommend leap driving school. Josh was reliable and punctual and very organised . I originally started my lessons with a national “big school” who were the total opposite of all the good things I listed above. Thank you!

June 2019

I highly recommend Josh as an instructor. His support to get you to test standard is incredible he has a real passion for you to pass which is so evident in his enthusiasm every lesson. If you listen to him then you’ll pass your test.

May 2019

Couldn’t of got a better driving instructor. Passed 1st time with only a few lessons. Will carry on recommending others to leap Driving School.

April 2019

I came to Josh in the Summer of 2018, after deciding I wanted to drive after so long. Josh was very claim very patient if you have an area you are struggling with, Josh will take the time and help you with that area. so I would highly recommend using Limit Point Driving Dorset and thanks to Josh after 3 months lessons I passed with 3 driving faults Thanks again.

November 2018

I highly recommend leap driving school, I passed with 35 hours, Josh is honest and very transparent and will give you feedback and reflective logs at the end of lessons on things to work on for the next time. I had had a really bad experience with another instructor working for a well known company in bournemouth.

August 2018

I am currently having lessons with Josh, he is a very patient and friendly instructor that puts you at ease. Always happy to go over anything i’m unsure of.He has a clear way of teaching and will make sure you know what your aims are at the start of each lesson to enable you to work towards these and progress. Compared to lessons with a previous instructor it has been a really positive experience so far, my confidence has improved greatly. I am becoming a safer and overall better driver and I now look forward to my driving lessons.

November 2018

Just passed first time with leap driving school, only 1 minor. Instructor is friendly and relaxed. I highly recommend Josh.

October 2018

I highly recommend using Leap for your driving. Josh was a great instructor. He has a great manner and doesn’t over complicate anything. With the help of his reference points for mannouvers I was feeling really confident and perfectly prepared for the test.

July 2018

I did an intensive driving course with Josh over 3 weeks of July of this year. He was very flexible with fitting around my other commitments and I was very happy with how it all worked out. My test was on the Friday of the final week and I passed with just 2 minor faults. Thank you!