Many Instructors offer Mock Tests as part of the journey in learning to drive. As your skills improve and your test starts to loom on the horizon it is important to understand where your weaknesses lie in order to improve on what matters and become fully competent and test ready. You might just want a second pair of eyes to watch you drive and give feedback.

One way to achieve this is to do a Mock Test.​

Having Sat a Practical DVSA test in every Licence Category possible I’m in a good position to offer a realistic Mock Test to any pupil wanting to see how they perform in a test environment.​

I try to make my mock tests as realistic as possible in order to prepare you for the real experience. Your current instructor may have already done a mock test with you, but arguably they are probably someone you have spent many hours with and if so feel quite comfortable driving with by now. It could therefore come as a shock on test day when an unfamiliar face is sitting next to you!

There are a few things to consider when coming to me for a mock test:


The DVSA Strongly Advise that you only attend your real practical test when you are ready for it. Please only arrange a mock test with me if you are at a stage where you are driving independently with little/no help from your instructor or supervising driver. It’s a session to see how you perform in the test environment, following DVSA’s Test format.

As a driving instructor there’s nothing worse than having one of my pupils go off elsewhere and come back to me with conflicting opinions or information to what I’ve advised them. The purpose of doing a mock test with me is not for me to “tread on anybody’s toes” or over-ride your instructors advice. It is merely to give you an experience of meeting a different ADI and having them access your driving. If your instructor is advising you that you’re not ready for your test- they’re probably right!

Mock Tests can usually be completed in a 90 minute session. The actual test will last 35-40 minutes, just like the real thing. It’ll include meet and greet, Eyesight Check, Show/Tell me Question, Independent Driving, Reversing Manoeuvre and could include the emergency stop. Basically- Just like the real thing! I try to do the Mock Test starting at either Bournemouth or Poole Driving Test Centre where possible, depending on your location. If travelling to the test centre would consume too much time then we can do the mock test from your home address or somewhere nearby.
I then like to allow a time afterwards to de-brief and discuss the mock test and result. I’ll give you a mock test sheet to take away with you, which will give you a good idea on what you need to work on to improve. Upon request, I can offer a more detailed write-up of your drive.

99% of the time, no. I’m an instructor – not a car hire company! If your instructor is telling you you’re not ready, then I probably will too. We all follow the same standard and are experienced in taking people to driving tests. Most instructors will have a good idea on your chances of passing, so if they’re advising you to postpone your test then trust their judgement. There are however sadly very rare cases where some instructors may advise you not to take your test for their own financial gain- they don’t want you to pass and want to keep you as a customer for longer. Thankfully, as driving instructors great feedback is make or break for us, so this isn’t something I come across very often. I’ll always be happy to give you a mock test and give you an honest opinion on your driving. If that opinion is that you’re ready for your test then I’ll tell you!


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